Saturday, November 3, 2012

What to wear to work: Autumn edition

Do you know what I do when I feel overwhelmed? When I'm balancing editing, work travel and a baby -- and also feeling guilty about my many unfulfilled goals: losing weight, going to the gym, bettering my Chinese, finishing my novel? I wait for both baby and husband to be asleep, and I Polyvore. The mindlessness of it soothes me.  

What to wear to work: Autumn

So here we go. We can break out all our wooly fall clothes now that it's "autumn" (which in Hong Kong means that it's finally only 20 C, or 70 F, and everyone is running around in windbreakers while still blasting the air con). I saw these three outfits in my office recently, which is noteworthy because a) newsrooms are not exactly known for their high fashion; b) at least in print media, nobody dresses up unless they have to go out for an interview; and c) usually everyone just wears head-to-toe black and denim.

These are comfortable, modest outfits -- soft trousers, comfortable footwear, no designer labels -- but not boring. That's due to splashes of color as well as surprisingly funky shoes. You can turn a dull green sweater and plain black pants into something cool when you pair it with animal-print pumps.

One woman had a Chanel-esque boxy jacket with just a hint of a silver thread woven in, paired with a grey shell, and silvery flats. (To be fair, they were more of a shimmery dove shade than the disco-ball pair found here on Polyvore). As you can probably guess, this was worn by a slightly older woman who had let her hair color its natural way. (I'm not going crazy. Even Corporette is blogging about silver in the office).

Whereas the middle outfit was worn by someone quite younger. Those are proportions that I used to wear while in college or in my early 20s. Advice columns always tell you to avoid cutting the torso in half, or wearing horizontal stripes. But this particular mix of cropped military jacket, long stripey shirt-dress worn over black leggings and chunky boots -- for some reason, it is slimming.

For actual fashion blogger advice, from when autumn actually started in the non-tropical world, Privilege has written all about sweater dresses, cashmere sweaters and button-front shirts.

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