Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eveningwear for sale

Who needs eBay when I have Joyceyland?
O.K., that's not quite true. eBay gets millions of hits and I get, like, two. But eBay has rejected me, presumably on grounds that I'm a Chinese scam-artist peddling fake goods.
doesn't seem to be working.  And I don't know any good second-hand shops in Hong Kong selling such high-quality items. Though, if you do -- please let me know where.

So here it goes. If anyone is looking for beautiful eveningwear for the holiday season and happens to be my size (or, ahem, my pre-baby size), drop me an email.
I bought these outfits for my wedding and never wore them. No, I wasn't stood up at the aisle. 
The Shanghai Tang outfit was replaced at the last minute when an elderly aunt looked in a cardboard box under her bed and found an exquisite vintage piece -- a 1950s hand-embroidered "kwa" or Cantonese-styled wedding top, with gold thread pounded into the black silk. So I chose the family heirloom instead, as anyone would.
As for the peach satin gown, I ended up wearing the exact same cut -- only in ivory -- as my wedding dress. The ivory one is stored in my wooden wedding chest and will stay there forever -- maybe, it will be Baby Chloe's wedding dress someday.
The peach one was supposed to go back to Seibu -- but I forgot or something. So that has also been left, unworn, in my closet. I was much more cavalier with money back in those days!

Shanghai Tang, 100% silk, full-length Chinese robe / jacket.
From the Shanghai Tang flagship store on Pedder St., Central, Hong Kong.
U.S. size 6. Never worn. (I'm 5 ' 1" and it comes down to my ankles)
Silver-gold embroidery depicts flowers and lucky coins. Inside silk lining is the same silver-gold color.
Has six traditional butterfly clasps, and slits up the sides for ease of movement.
Pair it with black silk trousers and high heels for a different twist on eveningwear.
Selling for HK $2,500 or US $320.

ABS by Allan Schwartz. Peach-colored satin full-length gown.
From Seibu, Pacific Place, Hong Kong.
U.S. size 4. (I'm 5'1" and it goes down to the floor)
Never worn. Original tags in place.
Steel boning under the bodice. Gathering on one side of the waist makes the nipped-in waist look smaller. Skirt is cut in a gentle A-line. 

Original price HK $2,650. Now selling for HK $1,200, or US $150.


  1. Ulie would probably like them, but they'd need to be let out a bit.

  2. The corset-like top of the second dress would do wonders for your bustline, Fumie -- er, Foamie. And the coral would bring out your natural colouring. Perfect for Christmas parties Chez Foamier, I'm sure.
    I have some matching silk shawls you can try on, too.