Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pregnancy as art

I  remarked a few posts down about women, particularly American women, blogging photos of their naked pregnant bellies and going into huge detail about their private problems. I was surprised at the number of online, home-made photos  of pregnant bellies being painted with smiley faces, flowers, and God knows what else.
If it read like I was smirking, I take it back. Firstly, because people can blog what they want to. Plus, all these women are braver than I am. (Sorry -- none of you are seeing my 7.5-month pregnant bare belly. And given the stretch marks, I don't think you want to)
Also because I found some images that are really bizarrely beautiful. The three below are from a post about "Pregnancy as Art" on The NYT's Motherlode blog.

Top image: Robyn Thompson via The NYT. Middle image: From David Beckham's Facebook page, of his pregnant wife Victoria. 

This is the image that started it all -- the (then infamous) cover of a pregnant, naked Demi Moore, before everyone else was doing it. I remember buying this issue when it came out in 1991  -- I think I was in 11th grade in high school, and a bit freaked out by it. Of course, at 16 years old, I would have been.


  1. Congratulations!
    Since you've been googling pregnancy art, maybe you've already come across this link?
    Note, some of the pictures are quite disturbing.

  2. Hi Sarah -- Thank you.
    Actually, I wasn't Goggling pregnancy art. I was on the NYT website (I'm ALWAYS on the NYT website, due to work) and noticed the post on The Motherload, a blog that I had basically ignored until now.

    No, I hadn't seen that list. White trash Americans bearing arms and naked pregnant bellies is a little frightening. The only positive comment I can make is that those pictures made me feel WAY better about my own weight gain. My so-called stretch marks are like tiny slivers compared to what some of those women have.

  3. I used the serum from Creme De La Mer for stretch mark prevention as I got bigger... Several years ago it was already pricey, like, HKD 3000-ish for a bottle of serum, so I mixed one big spatula-full each time + unlimited of the relatively cheaper light moisturising lotion (about HKD 1000 for a much larger bottle than the serum)... Applied it in place of regular moisturiser after my bath each day...
    Considering I had a very flat stomach (I carry weight on my thighs) which then ballooned into a 45lb-heavier pregnant frame, I count it a real success I don't have a single stretch mark on my belly... Too bad I didn't think to apply the mixture to my butt/hips and so I have obvious stretch marks there :( but nothing where I applied the creme
    Oh there seems to be something wrong with my Disqus, I couldn't get in to approve your (very detailed - thank you) comment... Just in case you meant to delete it, I won't copy and paste it on my blog/ respond to it til I get the go ahead from you please.

  4. Hey Aileen -- No, I didn't mean to delete a comment from your blog, but thanks for asking.
    But it was sort of glitchy when I tried to send it through. Post it if you like.

  5. Thanks for the tip, but HK $3000 skin cream is a bit much for me right now. We make OK, but modest, salaries as a chef and a journalist. But my insurance won't cover my private hospital costs, and I'll be taking 5 months off work. While we're fine financially, I'm trying to cut back on some luxuries.

    My stretch marks seem to be UNDER the skin -- kind of like small broken blood vessels, so I don't know if applying cream on top would do anything. I'm just using my normal Clinique body lotion. Thankfully, they're not too bad. They're only on my very lower belly, which wouldn't ever show with anything I'd ever wear. Touch wood that they won't grow!

  6. Okok thanks.. I only used the expensive stuff for my belly, the rest is mustella baby lotion... Now I use my son's stuff except Clinique face cream

  7. Woah...that link to the trasy pregnancy photos....definitely very disturbing!

    I think pregnant belly art is a no-no for me!

  8. Indeed! Some of those stretchmarks look like the San Andreas fault line.

  9. Hi Joyce,
    First of all, congrats!
    I did post a couple of photos of my pregnant belly, stretch marks and all :P
    My doctor told me not to bother with cream especially to prevent stretch marks, as it's pretty much in my blood. If I could share a tip, simply moisturize your belly with your normal body lotion to help preventing it from being itchy later on ^_^

  10. Excellent art looking like very natural pregnancy photos...