Friday, November 20, 2009

New Hong Kong-French blog: Marc's World

Marc the Metrosexual has finally set up his blog, Marc's World, with the help of one of my ex-colleagues, Emily Rauhala, i.e. Cyber Panda.
(Marc wasn't willing to go online till he had something better designed than the pedestrian standard Blogger thingie I use!)
His first blog post is a recipe for soupe au pistou, which is a hearty vegetable soup, richly flavored with bacon and "pistou," or the French version of pesto. We made it, to good reviews, for a dinner party we had with some IHT colleagues a while ago.
There is also a photo collection of Hugo the Cat.
And a discussion of the Thierry Henry handball issue, which is totally beyond my comprehension. (Though White Dusk Red, Ulaca and others might have opinions)
I have to give it to Marc: It takes a brave soul to blog in a second language that you never formally learned. It would be like my trying to blog in French, which would be a mess. (And never mind my blogging in Chinese; it would be impossible).
Please welcome him to our little community of bloggers. He's at

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