Monday, November 16, 2009

Fat People Getting Yelled At, aka Workout Motivation

Sat, Nov. 14. Day of rest.
Sun. Nov. 15, Day #5. Dragged myself out of bed before work. Walked a mile (1.6K). Not great, but at least I got myself to go.
Mon, Nov. 16, Day #6. Ditto. One mile.

Gweipo invited me to an absolutely terrifying athletic challenge. Considering that she can run five, six times more than I can in one go, and I spend 40, 50 hours a week sitting down, I think I know who will win.

In my imagination, Gweipo is relatively tall and fit. She weights 130 lbs, or 60 kilos. (I will never post my weight on this blog, because it would give Fumie too much satisfaction).

But let's just say neither one of us is exactly obese. And while it's great to push, there's also alot of pressure on women to be both thin and hard on ourselves. It's good to keep things in perspective.

And what better way to do that than to compare yourself to the truly obese?

A while back, I got to reading a circle of "fat blogs." (No, it's not politically incorrect. They call themselves that. And, no, I'm not anti-fat. I'll write more on these sites later, because they're hilarious.)

Just remember Gweipo -- next time you fret about those extra 5 lbs, next time I worry about "muffin top" when I wear my 27" Sevens low-rise jeans -- there are women out there looking to lose 110, 120, 130 pounds. That's the size of an entire one of us!

So let's end this post with a motivational video. Usually, "motivational" anything makes me want to stab my own eyes out, since I hate all the sugarly "you can do it!" cheesiness.

But this is Jillian Michaels, one of the top personal trainers in the U.S. and a real hard-ass. (Literally and figurative. She's 5' 2", just a shade taller than I, and I would kill to have her body).

Here, she's yelling at an enormous father and daughter team on the reality show The Biggest Loser. It's funny and sad at the same time. Next time you feel like you're failing at your workout, remember this.


  1. Hi Joyce, no I am not tall and thin. I'm average height (for Hong Kong that is, not Europe), and on the plump side and definitely have the 8kg post baby fat to loose. 1kg for each year post partum! As the guys at IHP said "fat but fit"
    I started running by walking around a football pitch. For weeks I just walked around it. Then I used to walk the lengths and run the widths, then I swopped to walking the widths and running the lengths. Then I'd run one lap and walk two - you get the picture.

    I don't have a personal trainer as I can't afford one. I have joined the HKU IHP "Excercise for life" programme which is very affordable (HK$1800 for 10 weeks, 3 times a week including pre and post assessment).

    I don't need to be thin. I need to be fit and strong. I need to be an example to my kids of healthy, non emotional eating and regular fun exercise.

  2. ps. that video is brutal. She's mean.

  3. Hahaha. Jillian IS mean here. Maybe she's "making cinema", as Marc would say, to make for better reality TV. Still, I feel really bad for those fat people. That poor man looks like he's going to die.

    It's funny what we glean from each other's blogs. Sorry -- I don't know why I thought you had a trainer!

    I still can't imagine that you are "fat", though. A mother of two who is 130 lbs and athletic? Maybe "fat" by Hong Kong standards.

    Eight kilos is some goal -- that's about 18 pounds, bringing you down to the 110-112 range? I think it's easier for the obese to lose weight like that, since there's so much extra to lose. For someone within a normal range, it's probably harder.

    You have fine goals -- to be fit, strong, athletic and a good example. There's too much extreme dieting and extreme thinness among some women here, driven entirely by vanity and not by health.

    Good luck with it all! I would never post my weight on this blog. You are a brave lady. :)